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Life can be hectic with work, pets, kids and activities, but Hambly and Sons offers carpet cleaning for your Waterloo home. Our services will help keep your home clean and healthy!  Over the years dirt and sand are tracked into your home scratching the fibers in your carpet causing wear and discoloration. Hambly and Sons uses hot water extraction to clean and remove the dirt using non-residual solutions leaving your carpet clean and fresh! Let Hambly and Sons professional carpet cleaning give you peace of mind.

Your carpets should be professional cleaned at least once per year, or more frequently if your home has kids, pets, or high traffic. If you wait until the carpets look dirty, your carpet will begin to wear prematurely. Having your carpets cleaned regularly will prevent damage, extend the life of your carpets, and keep your home looking great all at the same time.  



The Hambly and Sons Difference

Carpet Cleaning Services WaterlooThe Hambly and Sons family of companies has offered carpet cleaning in Waterloo for more than 25 years. At Hambly and Sons, we know the difference clean carpets can make, and we do our best to ensure your carpets are clean, spots are removed, and any other problems are addressed. Although we offer several different types of carpet cleaning, we typically use a steam clean extraction system in your home that is incredibly effective at lifting set-in dirt and stains while leaving behind no cleaning residues. Here is a brief description of our cleaning procedure.

Carpet Inspection

When our technicians enter your home, they are trained to notice many aspects of your carpet. We are especially mindful of high traffic areas as well as any stain or spotting in your carpet. During the carpet inspection we also identify any furniture/upholstery that may need to be moved in order clean the carpet effectively.

Carpet Preparation

Before we get to work, we take the time to properly prepare your carpet for cleaning. This includes removing furniture and any pre-treatments necessary to treat stains or odors.

Steam Extraction

At Hambly and Sons, when performing steam carpet cleaning, we use hot water steam extraction to loosen and remove dirt, allergens and stains from your carpeting. Following the steam extraction, we will rinse the carpets to ensure no residue is left behind. After you have steam clean carpets, we then vacuum your carpets extensively to remove as much water as possible so your carpets will dry quickly. For more on steam clean carpets, call us at 319-313-5329.

Spot Treatments

If you have stains or spots on your carpet, we know that you want them gone! Throughout the cleaning process, our trained technicians are treating spots in the carpet at no extra charge. Regardless of where the spot came from, whether  you need pet stain removal or stain removal for wine, soda, or any other liquid, this is a very important part of every cleaning and is something Hambly and Sons includes in every carpet cleaning. This will also help with pet odor removal so your home can smell great again. Call Us At 319-313-5329 For Immediate Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steam Carpet Cleaning Waterloo IA
Clean Carpets Waterloo IA
Here at Hambly and Sons, we provide a carpet cleaning service that is unique in our industry.  When our family started in the carpet cleaning industry in Waterloo over 25 years ago, we decided we did not want to just be another carpet cleaning company; we wanted to be the best. After talking with many people and learning from other’s mistakes, we began to consider what concerned people when getting their carpets cleaned. We found that people had three general questions in regards to carpet cleaning.

How long will the
carpet stay wet?

Hambly and Sons uses a process that removes much of the water after your carpets have been cleaned, allowing your carpets to dry quickly. Carpets are typically dry within 4-6 hours after the cleaning is completed. This can vary depending on the time of the year and humidity indoors and outside. Our process was developed to allow us to both deep clean and dry your carpet within a short time frame.

After being cleaned does
the carpet get dirty faster?

Your carpets will not get dirtier faster after being professionally cleaned, and we guarantee that there will be no sticky residue left after our cleaning process is complete. Our process includes pre-spraying your carpets and rinsing them out with steam that is chemical free. This way, we leave your carpets fresh with very little cleaning agents left behind. Carpets do require regular maintenance to maintain that clean and fresh look they have right after a professional carpet cleaning.

Can you get pet odor
out of our carpet?

This question is more difficult to answer than many people realize, and will depend on the type of odor and whether it is impacting the carpet, carpet pad or sub floor underneath. Our company is certified in odor elimination, and we have extensive training in the science of odors and odor elimination. In most instances, we are able to treat the odor. Please feel free to ask us questions regarding this service and how we can help. Our carpet cleaning method is specifically geared to alleviate people’s concerns about each of these issues. We would be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have in regards to our cleaning process. We are carpet cleaners that provide residential and commercial carpet cleaning to all our Waterloo residents. Give our Waterloo office a call today to learn more about our carpet cleaning services!

A healthy indoor environment for you and your family starts with Hambly and Sons Restoration and Cleaning. With our professional carpet cleaning services, we use a method called hot water extraction that will clean and disinfect your carpets leaving your home fresh and comfortable. Let us save you the time and effort of cleaning your carpets and let us give you the peace of mind you need.

Hambly & Sons Cleaning & Restoration is located at 2958 W Airline Hwy Waterloo, IA 50703. Call us today at (319) 313-5329.

Some of the locations we provide service near include the Hawkeye Community College and the Waterloo Regional Airport.

Hambly and Sons Cleaning and Restoration

Hours of Operation

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When water invades your home, Hambly and Sons is available day or night to respond to your call. Our rapid response teams can prevent further damage.

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Hambly and Sons highly trained technicians will secure your property and clean up the mess left behind after a devastating fire.

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Hambly and Sons is a full service biological cleaning company. We deal with all death scenes ranging from homicide, suicide to unattended deaths.

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We are certified by the IICRC and want you to rest easy with the knowledge that your mold and environmental issues are in capable hands.

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Our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained and certified and use the latest technology to make your home or building "just like new".

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To clean your Ducts our highly trained and certified technicians use the latest technology for your home, office or business.

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Customer Testimonials

I had never used Hambly & Son’s before, but I called because of the coupons in the phonebook. They were friendly, and the did a thorough job.

- Josh

They are the best in town. Their techs obvious care about their work. Well trained people.

- Ralph

Hambly & Sons did a great job with the drying out and sanitizing of the floors in speedy time. Very professional bunch of guys. Different people for each application, maybe their speciality. I have them coming to clean carpets on the main floor Tuesday.

- Cora

Hambly and Sons have cleaned my carpet a couple of times, and mitigagted mold in my attic once. They are great guys that show up when they are supposed to, get projects done at the price quoted, and clean up when they leave. I highly recommend them

- Beau J.

Dream Steam has cleaned our carpet multiple times and does a fantastic job!

- Eric S.

This is a fantastic company! with great employees! who seem to always be very helpful and have great attitudes every time they clean your carpet!……..O and they do a fabulous job on the carpet too!!!

- Mark D.

We have used Hambly and Sons for quite a few years now. They do an amazing job and have very professional help!!

- Jim & Brenda S.

I remember a few years back with my flooded basement and you did a great job drying out my carpet. You do a super job.

- Tom T.
Hambly and Sons Waterloo IA

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Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God
-1 Corinthians 10:31

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