Water Damage

Rapid Water Damage Restoration


When water invades your home, it's critical to act fast to prevent extensive damage to your home and valuable items. Dream Steam’s water damage restoration team wastes no time to respond to your emergencies from an overflowing washer, a leaky roof, or your basement flooding during a severe storm. We dry your home as fast and efficiently as possible to protect your home and family from water damage.
If you are experiencing an emergency water damage situation and need immediate service, call us at (515) 512-5387 for 24/7 assistance.

We Work With Your Insurance Adjusters

Dealing with water damage in your home is a stressful and time-sensitive situation. Worrying about your insurance coverage is just another thing to stress about. That’s why Dream Steam works with you and your insurance adjusters to ensure you receive the highest quality of services. We’ll restore your home so to its original quality, or even better than before.


Our Technicians Respond Fast

We deploy our certified cleaning and restoration technicians whenever you need them. Rapid response prevents severe damage to your home, protects your belongings, and rebuilds your home, business, and life. Our technicians conduct many types of water cleanup, including:


Water contaminated with sewage

Floodwater with bacteria and pathogens

Frozen, broken, or leaky pipes

Sump pump failures

Standing water

Toilet overflows

Home appliance leaks

Roof leaks



What to Do if Your Property Floods

When water damage strikes, time is critical—every hour that passes, the chances of structural problems, mold growth, and permanent damage increase. Dream Steam helps you act fast by responding on-site any time of the day or night, but here are some helpful steps to follow before our team arrives.


Step One: Turn Off the Water

Before water cleanup can begin, the source of the water must be stopped. If the water damage results from a broken pipe or appliance, you will need to shut off the water at the local supply valve or the main water supply valve.


Step Two: Find a Water Damage Restoration Provider

After you have shut off the water source, contact Dream Steam to get a certified technician on-site immediately. Our team will assist you through the rest of the water damage restoration process once we arrive and assess your situation.


Step Three: Remove Furniture and Valuables

In order to properly clean the area and prevent further damage, furniture and valuables must be removed. It is urgent to remove as many pieces of furniture and valuable items as you can immediately after noticing water invading your home. When Dream Steam arrives, we will make sure all furniture and other valuables are taken to a dry place while we quickly work to resolve the water damage in your home.


Step Four: Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to assess the damage. Dream Steam will work with you and your insurance provider to address the damages and restore your home to its former beauty.

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