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Mold Remediation in Des Moines IA

When excess moisture is in your Des Moines, IA home from high levels of indoor humidity or water damage, mold growth can occur. The longer an area experiences high levels of moisture, the more likely it is that mold will grow causing mold damage. Generally, mold spores are everywhere, and are a natural part of everyday life. Mold damage can become a serious threat if not handled in a timely manner. It’s crucial to begin the mold cleanup and removal process as soon as possible to prevent further spreading.

Mold requires only a warm environment of about 60-80 degrees F, organic material to feed on, and moisture to thrive. Since there’s not much you can do about temperature or organic materials, the one thing you can control is moisture and humidity. Mold can begin to grow 24-48 hours after an area is wet, and is one of the reasons it is so important to have water damage cleaned up and dried as soon as possible.

Professional Mold Removal Des Moines, IA

Dream Steam Cleaning and Restoration are your mold removal contractors in Des Moines and West Des Moines IA. We excel at both finding the moisture and eliminating it as well as eliminating any mold that is beginning to grow. We are certified by the IICRC in mold removal and want you to rest easy with the knowledge that your mold issue is in capable hands.

Dream Steam Cleaning and Restoration has a balanced approach to microbial issues. Many sources within our industry and the media tend to over-hype mold related issues, but we try to help find reasonable solutions to your problems. Mold has been around forever and is in the air we breathe everyday. Do not live your life in fear of mold. Let us dispel a couple myths about mold.

Common Myths About Mold Damage

Mold Removal Des Moines

Run for the hills when you see black mold because this one is the bad one.  We don’t determine a flower type just by its color, nor do we look at mold and determine what it is by color.

Everyone gets sick from all molds.  Some people are more susceptible to mold related sicknesses. Some factors are age as well as length of time exposed to mold. Different immune diseases affect this as well.

Bleach kills mold.  This myth is extremely harmful because it puts people’s health at risk. Bleach bleaches mold, it will not kill all the mold. Some mold will die for sure, but not enough to risk your health. Not long ago, a customer of ours ended up in the hospital because of the fumes from bleach that he used to try and eliminate mold.

Do not think that mold can be ignored. We highlighted some of the most common myths because we want you to understand a balanced approach is necessary when dealing with mold. Please call our office with any questions you might have.

Your Des Moines Mold Cleanup Company

Dream Steam Cleaning & Restoration is aware of the considerable threat posed by uncontrolled mold growth, and we proudly remove mold, and offer mold remediation as one of our many available services. We also offer mold inspections and mold testing so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary work done in the areas not needed. Don’t use just any of the mold damage companies you find, we are fully licensed and have an A+ BBB rating. We are the first choice mold removal contractors in Des Moines when it comes to mold removal, remediation, and other restoration needs.

We provide services throughout Des Moines IA and West Des Moines IA, including 50009, 50047, 50211, 50309, 50310, 50311, 50312, 50313, 50314, 50315, 50316, 50317, 50319, 50320, 50321, 50322, 50327, 50061, 50263, 50265, 50266.

Mold Cleanup Des Moines