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Tile & Grout Cleaning Des Moines IA

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If you have tile in your home whether it’s the kitchen and dining room or the laundry room and bathrooms, Dream Steam is there again to protect another investment in your home. We offer tile cleaning and grout cleaning to save you the hassle.

Tile Grout Cleaning Des MoinesGrout is a porous material, and over time your grout lines will look dark, discolored, and dirty. In fact, every time you mop your tile floors, you are pushing dirt and cleaning solution into the grout lines, further contributing to the problem. Over time and with regular wear and tear, your tile and grout will get darker and be in need of a deep clean.

Cleaning your tile & grout yourself can be a daunting task, and even after scrubbing on your hands and knees with a toothbrush for hours it’s likely your tile and grout still don’t look great, and you’ll have to do it all over again in a few weeks when it gets dirty again. And if your grout is sealed, some household cleaners can actually damage the sealant, leaving your grout even more vulnerable to staining. Unfortunately, many installers do not seal the grout, making it more prone to stains and discoloration.

The Dream Steam Difference

At Dream Steam, we use special equipment that extracts the dirt deep in your grout lines and tile, leaving your tile and grout looking clean and fresh. Time is very valuable and cleaning tile and grout without the proper equipment can be daunting and frustrating. Dream Steam technicians can clean, seal and maintain your tile and grout so you can get the most out of your floor and give you the peace of mind you need. Call us today if you are in need of tile grout cleaning.

Tile Cleaning Des Moines