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Crime Scene Cleanup Des Moines IA, Trauma and Biohazard Cleaning

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Dream Steam is a full service biological cleaning company. Our crime scene cleanup experts specialize in cleaning and sanitizing homes, businesses, and vehicles after homicides, suicides, murders, industrial accidents, and other traumas while demonstrating compassion toward those receiving services.

Our caring and knowledgeable, staff uses EPA registered disinfectant and disposal methods to protect you from any potential harm. Dream Steam is fully licensed, certified and insured. We can work closely with law enforcement, insurance companies, property managers and government agencies. We are sensitive to family members to provide discrete waste removal and cleanup services. To ease the burden, you’ll find that most of our services are covered by homeowner, auto or business insurance.

Dream Steam Trauma Cleanup Services Include:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Homicide
  • Suicide
  • Natural Death
  • Unattended Death
  • Accident and Traumatic Injury Scenes
  • Blood and Body Fluid Cleanup
  • Disinfection

Our goal is to help families recover by relieving them of the burden of cleanup and return to them a home that is completely clean and sanitized. We completely sanitize the affected area with special cleaning agents and are able to remediate situations that typical cleaning services cannot. Crime scene cleanup can result in several health risks, so it’s best to have a professional handle the crime scene clean up process.

Crime Scene Cleaning Services

As part of our crime scene cleaning services, we keep all services and information confidential, and are here to help those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer a discreet caring service throughout the entire state of Iowa and will do our best to meet your needs on a professional and personal level. We also know that crime scene clean up cost is the last thing on your mind during this time, so we bill directly to your insurance.

Suicide & Murder Cleanup

Death cleanup can be a traumatizing event no matter who you are. We know you have other things to worry about other than the cleanup of blood and other biological cleanup that may be required. We are forensic cleaners that will handle any suicide or murder scene cleanup needed. Our murder scene clean up crew is trained to handle many different kinds of cleanings as well as being respectful and sympathetic to you. For more information on homicide cleanup or any other crime scene cleaning, give us a call today at 515-512-5387.

We provide services throughout Des Moines IA and West Des Moines IA, including 50009, 50047, 50211, 50309, 50310, 50311, 50312, 50313, 50314, 50315, 50316, 50317, 50319, 50320, 50321, 50322, 50327, 50061, 50263, 50265, 50266.

Crime Scene Cleanup Des Moines